Thieves worldwide gather on an island to steal a treasured item. A visual novel with mini games (puzzle and bullet hell).

Team Credits:

  1. Ethan Flaker - Sanguine Gale Art
  2. Larry Chang - Writing, Milli Art
  3. Naomi Vuong - Jester Art
  4. Ronnie Lucero - Mini Game Programming
  5. Bianca Victoria - VN System Implementation, Art

External Asset Credits:

  • Credit to AD Works' Youtube channel for explaining how to set up the VN system (
  • All background image credits go to Wikimedia
  • Song Credits:
    • Gone with the wind - Arthur Vyncke
    • Morning Dew - Arthur Vyncke
    • Sweet Elegance a theme - Arthur Vyncke
    • Division Blade - Schematist 
  • All SFX from FreeSound
  • 2d Flat Explosion from Osama Deep
  • 2D Pixel Item Asset Pack from Startled Pixels
  • Basic Metal Texture Pack from Joseph Steffensen
  • Enemy Turrets from Oleg Jaricov 
  • Magic Particle Systems Lite from Goldman Studio
  • Old Plastic barrier from VintProg
  • Rockets, Missiles, & Bombs
  • Cartoon Low Poly Pack from AurynSky


Download 100 MB


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Holy this game was too insane for my tastes 🎅🍵

(1 edit) (+1)

I love it! It's enjoyable especially with the mini games ehhehe. The sprites is also good 😗