Turn based fantasy RPG where you battle against other sorcerers with whimsical creatures along your side. You can play as one of three classes: druid, necromancer, or fire mage. Download the game now to join the fun!

Controls: Click on your character to choose which creature to summon or a spell to use with your mana. You gain mana after each round, spend it wisely!

For Mac, download the "Tournament of Magirus Build Mac.app.zip."

For Windows, download the "Tournament of Magirus Build Windows.zip" and click on the "Creature Clash.exe" file to run the game!

Bianca Victoria - Producer, 2D Artist, UI Asset Creator

Chase Taylor - Team Lead, Programmer, Designer, Audio

Jennifer Siino - Writer, Programmer, UI Designer

Jorge Torres - 3D Artist, Gameplay Designer

Salil Lakhani - Designer

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